How long is the delivery?

The games are sent within 48h after purchase, delivery is 2-4 days according to region.

How many pucks are there in the game?

The game is sold with two pucks.

Where to find replacement pucks?

Exclusively in the online shop. They are sold by 3 under the reference Bol X 3.

My game glides less, how do I clean it?

The game board is lacquered wood, for an optimal glide clean it with a wood dust suppressant.

Why are there models at €69, €79 and others at €149?

The materials used are different. But there is no difference in the gameplay.

Y a-t-il but si le palet rentre et ressort des buts ?

Oui le but est valide, pas de « gamelle » au Fingabol.

Does the opponent have two shots when the puck goes out of field?

No, you engage from you defense line. By aiming right you can score in one shot.

The puck turns around but goes into the goal. Is the goal valid?

Yes the goal is valid as soon as the puck touches the inside of the opponent’s goal.