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Manufacturing in progress
New availability July 1st. 2023

Born in Brazil

Fingabol has its origins in the "Futebol de Prego", a popular game in Brazil. Entirely manufactured and assembled in France, it retains its spirit and offers an optimal playability with quality materials and a neat finish.

Easy and thrilling

Each in turn the players shoot to score in the opposing goal. Calculate your trajectories, bounds off the frame in an exhilarating one-on-one where every rebound counts.

8 models

A model for every style

Carbon Black

French Flair

Joga Bonito

Optimised gameplay

Hyper Bol

Designed in aluminum for its lightness, the “bol” is encircled with rubber for accurate and nervous rebounds.

Ultimate sliding

The board is in lacquered wood to ensure a perfect and long-lasting glide. The 22 players are fixed, to avoid or use as support to score.