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  • Arctic White

    It’s showtime ! Arctic White is for the most dazzling players. High-end model with chrome finishes.
    149,00 ttc
  • Carbon Black

    More than a game! Carbon Black is the uncompromising victory of style and performance. High-end model with chrome finishes.
    149,00 ttc
  • French Flair

    Spectacular play! French Flair pays tribute to legendary playmakers : slide-rule trajectories, angles never seen before and a flurry of goals. Available from January 10th
    99,00 ttc
  • Joga Bonito

    The beautiful game! Joga Bonito pays tribute to Brazil and to all those who like to perform spectacular skills.
    99,00 ttc
  • Kick & Rush

    Maximum commitment! Kick & Rush pays tribute to the English playing style: high tempo, physical commitment and long balls.
    99,00 ttc
  • Sold out

    Santa Teresa


    Our first collection is a tribute to Rio de Janeiro, a city where football is played passionately around every corner. From the surroundings of Maracanã stadium to the beaches of Ipanema and the streets of Santa Teresa, whether it is green, blue or grey, every single road lead to Fingabol!

    500 limited & numbered games sold online at :

    Dimensions: 62 x 44 x 5 cm poids 3,8kg

    135,00 ttc
  • 3 Bols

    3 aluminum and rubber pucks
    15,00 ttc